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30 December 2017 @ 01:26 am
Fandom Scrapbook 2017  
I didn't get round to doing one of these in 2016, but this year I am on the ball! *nods*

Scrapbook )
14 March 2017 @ 03:04 am
Get Your Words Out: Jan & Feb Progress  
Delayed post is delayed.
As of the end of Feb:

11072 / 75000 words. 15% done!

Monthly goal for January: 6,370
Actual word count for January: 10,557
Days with writing: 13

Monthly goal for February: 5,753
Actual word count for February: 515
Days with writing: 2

Overall progress target: 12,123
Actual overall progress: 11,072
1,051 behind target

Fics worked on

The Exception (White Collar)
Underwater (White Collar)
Easy Like (Brooklyn 99)
And I Feel Fine (White Collar)
Alibi (How to Get Away With Murder/White Collar)
Other Benefits (Torchwood)
Without Words (White Collar)
Stop The World (Suits)
The First Rule of Bake Club (White Collar)
To Have Loved (Angel)
as yet unposted fic for tropes meme

Like Home (The Walking Dead)
as yet unposted fics for tropes meme

Obviously Jan went somewhat better than Feb! January does tend to be a good month - lots of inspiration via fandom stocking prompts, plus we had runthecon. I'm not sure what happened to February /o\

14 March 2017 @ 02:21 am
Ficlet (HTGAWM/White Collar): Alibi  
Title: Alibi
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Fandoms: How To Get Away With Murder/White Collar
Characters/Pairings: Eve Rothlow/Alex Hunter
Wordcount: 403
Rating: PG, no warnings/spoilers
Summary: A girl walks into bar
Notes: Written for [ profile] sapphire2309's fandom stocking

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09 March 2017 @ 01:18 am
Fic (White Collar): And I Feel Fine  
Title: And I Feel Fine
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Neal, Sara, mentions of Mozzie, Peter, et al, a smidge of Neal/Sara
Wordcount: 602
Rating: PG, references to apocalypse
Summary: Post-apocalypse, Neal and Sara go on a supply run
Notes: Written for [ profile] sholio's fandom stocking; title from REM

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25 February 2017 @ 12:52 am
Ficlet (The Walking Dead): Like Home  
Title: Like Home
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Beth Greene, Daryl Dixon
Wordcount: 218
Rating: PG for v. mild swearing
Summary: Beth wants Daryl's opinion on something. Set season 3.
Notes: Written for Dialogue Only day on [ profile] comment_fic, for the prompt "any fandom, daydreamer" by [ profile] prisca1960

Daryl? )
23 February 2017 @ 01:43 am
Ficlet (Angel): To Have Loved  
Title: To Have Loved
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Angel, Buffy, Doyle, Wesley, Fred, Cordy, Angel/Buffy, Angel/Cordy
Wordcount: 563
Rating: PG
Warnings: Angst, mentions of death
Spoilers: Buffy season 3, Angel season 5
Summary: Is it better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all? Five times fic.
Notes: For the prompt "5 people Angel loved" by [ profile] geckogirl89 on Five Things day at [ profile] comment_fic

Buffy is the first. )
22 February 2017 @ 01:32 am
Fic (White Collar): The Exception  
Title: The Exception
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, pre-Peter/Neal
Wordcount: 1,493
Rating: PG, no warnings
Summary: AU. Peter gets a journalism assignment to review a new band with an interesting lead singer
Notes: Written for [ profile] nywcgirl's fandom stocking, and also filling the "au: band" square on my trope_bingo card

Peter Burke glanced around the club and grimaced... )
16 February 2017 @ 01:39 am
Community Icons: 3x04  
20 Community icons + extras & alts, from 3x04 "Remedial Chaos Theory"

Made for [ profile] episodes20in20 Round 13


just so you know, you're creating six different timelines )
12 February 2017 @ 06:19 pm
Ficlet (White Collar): Kind of Cute, in a Weird Way  
Title: Kind of Cute, in a Weird Way
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Diana, Mozzie, mention of Theo, gen
Wordcount: 452
Rating: G
Contains: Amphibians!
Summary: Post-series. Mozzie has bought a pet for Theo. It's not quite what Diana had in mind.
Notes: Written for [ profile] leesa_perrie's fandom stocking

Diana wasn't quite sure what to say... )
09 February 2017 @ 01:33 am
Fic (Suits): Stop the World  
Title: Stop the World
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Mike Ross, Harvey Specter, Donna Paulson, (spoilers) unrequited Mike/Harvey
Wordcount: 2,300
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Mild swearing, sexual references, angst; no spoilers
Summary: Mike wants some answers from Harvey
Notes: Written for highlander_ii's fandom stocking for their prompt of: (spoilers) the idea of Mike having a thing for Harvey, only to find out that Harvey isn't interested. Also filling the wild card on my hc_bingo card.

Tonight is the night. )
06 February 2017 @ 12:44 am
Ficlet (White Collar): Underwater  
Title: Underwater
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Sara Ellis, post- and pre-Sara/Neal
Wordcount: 778
Rating: G
Summary: She told herself that it was better to bathe without him
Notes: A little angsty ficlet written for [ profile] sheenianni for fandom stocking, and also filling the 'grief' square on my hc_bingo card. Set between seasons 3 and 4.

Sara shut the door to her apartment, hard... )
30 January 2017 @ 03:06 pm
Ficlet (Brooklyn Nine Nine): Easy like  
Title: Easy like
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Jake/Amy
Wordcount: 387
Rating: PG-13 for sexual humor
Summary: Jake is ready to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning
Notes: Written for such_heights' fandom stocking. Title from Lionel Ritchie.

Jake yawned and stretched... )
30 January 2017 @ 02:25 pm
Ficlet (White Collar): Without Words  
Title: Without Words
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Neal, Peter, implied Neal/Peter
Wordcount: 291
Rating: G
Summary: Neal flies over the ocean
Notes: Tiny wing!fic written for [ profile] kanarek13's fandom stocking

Neal flies... )
27 January 2017 @ 06:00 pm
Fic (Torchwood): Other Benefits  
I wrote a few fics for fandom stocking; I'll try and get them all posted here in the next few days :) Here's the first!

Title: Other Benefits
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Jack/Ianto
Wordcount: 654
Rating: PG-13 for sexual references
Summary: Jack's having a hard day, but Ianto has a plan
Notes: Written for [ profile] auroracloud for fandom stocking

“Coffee. Now!” Jack snapped at Ianto )
20 January 2017 @ 01:04 pm
Fanfic (White Collar): The First Rule of Bake Club  
Title: The First Rule of Bake Club
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Beta: [ profile] sherylyn
Characters/Pairings: Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, Mozzie, El Burke, gen
Wordcount: 1,555
Rating: G
Summary: Post-series, Peter enlists help when his cookie-baking mission doesn't go as planned
Notes: Written for [ profile] runthecon for [ profile] nywcgirl's prompt of "crystal clear". Thanks to [ profile] sherylyn for the encouragement, and to [ profile] halfshellvenus for a few-months-old suggestion on how to fill the "mercy killing" square on my h/c bingo card!

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19 January 2017 @ 06:33 pm
Picspam/Wallie (White Collar): Weekend Away  
Type of work: Picspam/wallpaper (1920x1080)
Title: Weekend Away
Characters/Pairings: Neal, Peter, El, gen or OT3
Rating: G
Summary: Neal, Peter and El have a weekend away full of sunshine, al fresco dining and well-muddled cocktails :D
Notes: For the awesome [ profile] kanarek13, happy birthday! Hope you have the most wonderful of days! ♥ Made using caps from [ profile] kanarek13 :D Click to enlarge!

17 January 2017 @ 03:34 am
Tropes Meme!  
Snagged from [ profile] elrhiarhodan: Give me a number or three and I'll tell you what I think of the trope, and if I've written the trope. If I have, I'll link you to the fic. If I haven't written the trope and I like the trope, I'll write a snippet or drabble.

1. Genderswap
2. Bodyswap
3. Drunk!fic
4. Huddling together for warmth
5. Shag or die
6. Undercover in a gay bar
7. Pretending to be married
8. First time together
9. Amnesia
10. Crossdressing
11. Forced to share a bed/fake relationship
12. Mind control
13. Handcuffed
14. Wingfic
15. Mpreg
16. Mistakenly assumed to be gay
17. Let’s play truth or dare
18. Mary Sue fic
19. Aphrodisiacs
20. Curtain fic
21. Hurt/Comfort
22. Apocalypse fic
23. Someone has a baby
24. Telepathic soulbonding
25. Circus AU
26. Language barrier
27. Historic AU

I think I've only written about a third of these so you have a pretty decent chance of picking one that's not been done! :D
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10 January 2017 @ 10:12 pm
GYWO 2016: The disaster therof  
I have signed up for GYWO 2017! \o/ I have a shiny new spreadsheet! \o/

But I feel like I need to make a record of 2016 first, despite the fact that it was not such a great year for writing /o\ /o\

Goal for 2016: 75,000
Actual word count: 14,321

14321 / 75000 words. 19% done!

January: 4056 words, 6 days writing
February: 559 words, 1 day writing
March & April: 0 words
May: 3759 words, 4 days writing
June: 0 words
July: 729 words, 2 days writing
August, September & October: 0 words
November: 450 words, 1 day writing
December: 4948 words, 4 days writing

Fics worked on:
Of Course (Torchwood)
Enough (White Collar/AHS: Hotel)
Identity Crisis (White Collar)
Stealing Warmth (White Collar)
Bittersweet (White Collar)
This Is The Dream (White Collar)
Unfurled (White Collar)
In Control (How To Get Away With Murder - link to come)
Devil's Breath (White Collar)
A snippet of a possible follow-up to Lost Boy
A HTGAWM Connor/Oliver fic that got Jossed but that I may still complete
Some editing on an old barely-begun WC fic
A fandom stocking fic for 2017

I can't quite believe I wrote so little, but I feel motivated to ensure this year is better! It's off to a reasonable start with a few fics having been written for fandom stocking which I can post later in the week :) I will try and do actual progress posts again this year, a la 2015, in the hope that will keep me on course! I'm also hoping to participate in more challenges, to try and write some longer fics again, and to try and finish off a few of my WIPs. Good luck to anyone else who's got writing goals for the year ♥
10 January 2017 @ 03:32 pm
Fic (White Collar): Identity Crisis  
Title: Identity Crisis
Author: [ profile] cookielaura
Characters/Pairings: Peter, Mozzie, Neal, gen (pretty much)
Wordcount: 1,400
Rating: PG... mentions of nakedness!
Summary: One day, Neal will stop touching mysterious objects and being transformed into animals, but today is not that day.
Notes: Written a year ago for [ profile] elrhiarhodan's fandom stocking! I was sorting out a GYWO recap post for 2016 and noticed I'd never posted this here, so...

Peter had everything he needed for a perfect, quiet Saturday afternoon )