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I am currently in the process of transferring from Livejournal. Please bear with me whilst I figure this Dreamwidth thing out :)

Welcome to my journal! 

You can find a list of the fanfics that are hosted on my journal here:
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This journal is partly...
Just let me know we have something in common! :)
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Hello lovely writer! I'm sorry this is late being posted - I thought I'd put all my details in my sign-up, but then I remembered I'd also put down a link to a letter as well - I'm not sure my brain was working too well on sign-up day! I really don't have too much to add beyond what's in the sign-up, but I'll try and elaborate a little :)

General likes: My favourite like is obviously spanking/discipline. I adore a loving over-the-knee discipline spanking, though even a single swat here or there, or a stern threat will get my heart a-fluttering! (And if you fit in all of those, so much the better ;)) I love a detailed scene with physical and emotional descriptions, and I love a good cuddle and reassurance afterwards. I like a little mild humiliation/embarrassment/making the spankee feel like a child.

I don't like shouting, hair pulling, or being cruel.

I am always interested in the dynamics of a domestic discipline relationship: who brings it up or how it gets started, the negotiations, the pitfalls, the first times, the emotions and power dynamics involved. I love the spankee being a brat to get attention and then regretting it, or the spanker being protective when their partner does something dangerous.

I also enjoy the following in pretty in much any context: protectiveness, possessiveness, jealousy, taking care of someone who is not a great patient, soothing someone through a panic attack.

I think that's all I can add as my fandom prompts are in the sign-up, but I do want to say thank you so much for writing me, and I can't wait to read it :)
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I've been slack about posting fics to my journal, so I have a few to get through, including last year's exchanges and fandom stocking. But I thought I'd start with this, seeing as Chocolate Box authors have just been revealed and this was my main assignment :)

June in Paris
Author: [personal profile] cookiegirl  
Characters/Pairings: Neal Caffrey, June Ellington, mentions of full cast
Wordcount: 3745
Rating: G
Contains: references to grief, spoilers for whole series
Beta: [personal profile] tjs_whatnot 
Summary: Ten months after he leaves New York for Paris, Neal encounters an old friend
Notes: Written for [personal profile] sandy79  for the [community profile] chocolateboxcomm exchange

Here on Archive of Our Own

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The list of needy fandom stockings is up! (Mine is here!) Apparently we have until 19th to fill them this year. Which is helpful, as I've only done one so far. It used to be that I could trawl the White Collar and Torchwood tags and be sure I'd caught the stockings of everyone on my f-list, but now everyone's a little more spread out, so if you could link me to your stocking that'd be good. If not, I'll try my best to find you all :D

There is less than a day left to sign up to [community profile] purimgifts! *waves hands encouragingly* It's my first time doing it, and I am excite. It's an exchange for works focusing on Jewish and/OR female characters. (I've signed up to [community profile] chocolateboxcomm for the first time too. ALL THE EXCHANGES THIS YEAR PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Snowflake Challenge is also well underway, and I really enjoyed it last year, so I'm hoping to make a late start on that.)

While we’re here, a final GYWO 2018 update! I didn’t write anything in October, in November I wrote a kink fic that I’m probably not going to ever post but I actually love, and in December I wrote my Yuletide fic. I finished up with 36, 836 words for the year, which is just under half my goal. 

36836 / 75000 words. 49% done!

As for days with writing, I think there were only around 40. I'm trying to look at that as a positive, in that my words to days-writing ratio was fairly high, so I just need to increase the amount of days! I’ve signed up again for this year and am hoping I can smash the target this time. Good luck to anyone else hoping to write this year!
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Fandoms: Falsettos, Legally Blonde The Musical, Make It Or Break It, Smash, The New Normal

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Last year's scrapbook was mostly a success (in that I actually kept it updated)! I love looking back at all the media I've consumed in previous years, so here we go again for 2018!

Scrapbook )
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Just had my first trick or treaters! \o/ The dog wasn't impressed.

Going to watch episode 2 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina later to keep on theme. We watched episode 1 at the weekend and it was... Ok? Reserving judgement. I could have done with less spiders!

Keep safe and enjoy any leftover candy!
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Hello lovely Yuletide writer!

Thank you so much in advance for writing something for me, and for taking the time to read this letter! This is my first time doing Yuletide so I'm super excited, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you create!
Make It or Break It; Smash; iZombie )
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It was all going so well when I last posted about GYWO back in April! \o/ \o/ \o/
And since then....

So let's just round up for the sake of completion, and then I can make a fresh start, yes? Very good.

28624 / 75000 words. 38% done!

Monthly goal for April: 6164
Actual word count: 500
Days with writing: 1

Monthly goal for May: 6370
Actual word count: 0
Days with writing: 0

Monthly goal for June: 6164
Actual word count: 0
Days with writing: 0

Monthly goal for July: 6370
Actual word count: 1500
Days with writing: 1

Monthly goal for August: 6370
Actual word count: 0
Days with writing: 0

Monthly goal for September: 6164
Actual word count: 684
Days with writing: 1

27,472 words behind target


I'll try anyway. Why not?

Things worked on: iZombie Liv/Blaine fic for [community profile] screenexchange  drabbles round; White Collar Peter/Neal fic for [community profile] slashorific ; White Collar Peter & Neal fic for [community profile] fandomgiftbox 

I haven't actually got around to posting these on my journal yet, they are posted on my shiny new AO3 account (or the fandomgiftbox comments). So, a question. Those of you with AO3 accounts, do you also post the fic fully on your journal, or do you just link to it? Opinions please and thank you!

Poll #20522 A03/Journals
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 12

Do you post the whole fic on your journal or just a link to Ao3?

View Answers

just a link
4 (36.4%)

post the whole fic
7 (63.6%)

Are you more likely to comment on a journal fic?

View Answers

I'll comment whether it's on Ao3 or LJ/DW
7 (63.6%)

More likely/prefer commenting on Ao3
2 (18.2%)

More likely/prefer commenting on journal
2 (18.2%)

I don't comment either way!
0 (0.0%)

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One of my favourite ever livejournal comms, landofart, has just started its latest phase. It's open to absolutely any level of graphic artist, even if you've never opened up a graphics programme before, so why not come and play?

You can apply for a team HERE (Renaissance is the team to be on, just saying, not biased cos I mod it or anything).
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26 icons made for Landofart's ABC challenge (one icon per letter of the alphabet). I chose to make NYC-themed icons, because, Reasons :D


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Just dropping by to ask if anyone would do me the favour of signing this petition to bring back Make It or Break It for Disney's new streaming platform. It was started a few days ago on Twitter and it's sadly lacking in support. Even if you don't watch/have never heard of Make It or Break It, it's worth signing, because when I do manage to convince you to watch it, you'll want more of it ;)

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Some graphics for LandOfArt Phase 10, Challenge 9 - we had to choose everyday items from around our home, then make Tumblr graphics inspired by them

Everyday items chosen: Nutella, Teabags, Essie metallic gold "Daring Damsel" nail polish

3 Tumblr graphics: Nutella-based recipes; vintage tea; Lost Girl women
Links to Nutella recipes included, though I haven't tested them - yet ;)


under here! )under here! )
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So, super pleased that B99 and iZombie live to fight another day, relieved that we finally have confirmation on HTGAWM, and argh, gutted that there may be no more devilish Tom Ellis and no more Deckerstar :'(
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For Landofart's challenges: Last Year's Highlights (12 Riverdale icons from the pilot episode) and Tic Tac Toe (Life Sentence icon, sigtag and picspam, all from the pilot episode). Thought I'd post them here in case anyone wanted to snag an icon :)


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Hello any Lucifer-watchers!

I was wondering if you could help me with a question! Do we ever see Amenadiel drinking anything? ie. alcohol, etc? I seem to recall that he orders a glass of milk at a bar in one episode, but I'm not sure if I've either a) imagined that or b) got it from a fanfic or something? If anyone can confirm/deny, and maybe even give me an episode number, that would be awesome!

The reason I'm asking is that I got assigned Amenadiel as the character that Hannibal Lecter meets in my [community profile] intoabar  fic. I'm not at all inspired by this pairing but I do want to write something for the comm, even if it's a super short scene, so help on the drinking front would be great. (Also, if you have any plot ideas/requests, go ahead!!)

Thank you!
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25840 / 75000 words. 34% done!

Monthly goal for January: 6370
Actual word count: 3706
Days with writing: 7
2664 behind target

Monthly goal for February: 5753
Actual word count: 6147
Days with writing: 11
2270 behind target

Monthly goal for March: 6370
Actual word count: 16087
Days with writing: 8
7447 ahead of target

Word count so far for April: 0
4776 ahead of target

I expect I will be behind again soon enough!

Things worked on: fandomstocking fic (Miranda), comment fics and drabbles (Riverdale, Lucifer, Torchwood, The Walking Dead, White Collar, Lost Girl, The Good Place, Guardians of the Galaxy, iZombie), collarcorner exchange (White Collar), agegapexchange (Buffy)

Stuff coming up, for my reference:
[community profile] screenexchange drabbles due April 21st
[community profile] intoabar April 19th-May 20th
[community profile] nightonficmountain April 22nd - June 15th
[community profile] slashorific now - July 13th

Sign-ups for the last three are still open if you want to join :)

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1) The LJ community [ profile] landofart is starting up again around 10th April. I mod one of the teams (Renaissance!) so obviously I think it's great :D You can make fandom or stock art, play games, etc! Go sign up here!

2) I am thinking of joining in with [community profile] nightonficmountain , if anyone else wants to do so! Nominations are open now, sign-ups open Saturday.

3) [community profile] slashorific has a whole load of cool travel-related prompts to choose from, and you can sign up now - I'm gonna try a (pre-?)Peter/Neal fic set in Copenhagen, probably pre-series

4) Also: look at this adorable crafting exchange comm! \o/

[community profile] homemade2homemade is a new community for geeky crafters to share their obsessions and talents! Come join us for our first gift exchange! All levels of geeks and crafters are welcome! Sign up between April 1-15, 2018


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